Human Enhancement Drugs Network (HEDN) Symposium

When: Tue the 11th of Feb 2020, 9.30am-4.35pm (Sydney, AUS time)

Where: Paramatta campus, UNE, Sydney

Contact Dr Katinka van de Ven ( regarding registration for this event.

Attending via Zoom is possible!

The abstracts can be found HERE


Time Speaker Title talk
9.30-9.50am TEA/COFFEE
9.50-10.00am Katinka van de Ven & Kyle Mulrooney Welcome
10.00-10.20am Jim McVeigh Enhanced bodybuilders – a sentinel population (Zoom, located in UK)
10.20-10.40am Nick Athey Scripting the Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid Marketplace and (Drug) Trafficking Processes (Zoom, located in US)
10.40-11.00am Matthew Dunn The pharmaceuticalisation of ‘healthy’ ageing: Enhancement for longevity
11.00-11.20am Rima Chakrabarty For Research Use Only: Quality Testing PIEDs Purchased Online
11.20-11.35am BREAK
11.35-11.55am Frances Quirk Immune induced mood disorder, cognitive impairment and doping decisions in elite athletes
11.55am-12.15pm Beng Eu GP education and what harm reduction looks like in clinical practice
12.15-12.35pm Ross Ashcroft Blind-eyes and Silence: does society accept abuse of athletes for the glory of club or country?
12.35-1.20pm LUNCH BREAK For those who are interested we will have a discussion around setting the HEDN agenda during the lunch break at 1.00pm.
1.20-1.40pm Mair Underwood ‘You realise there are almost no options for medical treatment for low testosterone right?’ Self-medication with underground anabolic-androgenic steroids (Zoom, located in Qld, AUS)
1.40-2.00pm Adrian Walsh Distributive Justice, Equality and the Enhancement of Human Intellectual Functioning
2.00-2.40pm Naomi Speers & Alexis Cooper An overview of ASADAs Operations and discussion of research priorities
2.40-3.00pm Daryl Adair Pain management for athletes: harm minimisation, opioids, and medical cannabis
3.00-3.15pm BREAK
3.15-3.35pm Cornelia Graf & Siyu Qian Knowledge, injecting practice and experience of using performance and image enhancing drugs among clients of a Needle and Syringe Program in Australia: A qualitative interview study
3.35-3.55pm Pia Johansson Development of a method using GC-MS for profiling of oil-based androgenic anabolic steroid products
3.55-4.15pm Katja Shimko Wastewater analysis for the detection of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) prohibited substances.
4.15-4.35pm Rebecca Askew Being, Doing, Feeling and Thinking: Enhancement substance use as resistance to the recreational and problematic paradigm

We would like to thank the University of New England for sponsoring this symposium!