HED Legislation

The legal status of human enhancement drugs varies considerably depending on the context (see also “HED Supply”). For instance, certain types of human enhancement drugs (e.g., steroids) may be legally obtained through a physician, or depending on the country, the consumption and supply of these products are in fact legal. In this section we provide an overview of the different types of legislation concerning human enhancement drugs in specific countries. However, keep in mind that in some cases various changes to the law might have occurred at the time the policy report, document and/or powerpoint presentation was written.

Website Country General information
www.ipedinfo.co.uk United Kingdom On this website you can find information on UK legislation regarding steroids.
www.steroidlaw.com Unites States On this website, lead by Rick Collins, Esq., you can find information on US legislation regarding steroids. Furthermore, Rick offers help to people who are charged with a matter involving steroids or other PIEDs. More information can also be found here.
2006 Steroids Report Unites States This report is prepared by the Steroids Working Group United States Sentencing Commission and provides information regarding steroid legislation in the United States.
Houlihan, B., & Garcia, B. (2012). The use of legislation in relation to controlling the production, movement, importation, distribution and supply of performance enhancing drugs in sport (PEDs). Loughborough: Loughborough University.


Several countries are included in the report This report provides information on the different types of legislation adopted by countries to address the production, movement, importation, distribution and supply of PIEDs.