Karine Diedrich:

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Karine Diedrich is a Strategic Partnerships Officer at the Canadian Center on Substance Abuse (CCSA), a not-for-profit organization that provides national leadership, evidence-informed analysis and mobilizes collaborative efforts to reduce alcohol- and other drug-related harms. Her current areas of focus include working across sectors to better understand the linkages between sport participation and youth substance use; developing new tracking and knowledge exchange mechanisms for novel psychoactive substances; and, supporting best practice in youth substance abuse prevention. Ms. Diedrich is a Vice President of the Gloucester Recreation Development Organization (GRDO), an organization that delivers affordable recreation and leadership programs for children and youth who may face financial, cultural, or social barriers. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from Carleton University and a Professional Certificate in Partnership Management from the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA).

You can find her on Twitter: @KarineDiedrich, and LinkedIn.

Niki Kiepek

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Niki Kiepek, PhD, MSc(OT) is an Assistant Professor at the Dalhousie University School of Occupational Therapy. Her program of research is focused on broadening the social understanding of substance use in Canada, with an emphasis on exploring the impact of substances on performance and experience. Niki is currently engaged in several projects regarding the use of substances by professionals and students in professional programs. She integrates several methodological approaches to learn about substance use within the context of people’s daily lives, including critical discourse analysis (CDA), surveys, qualitative interviews, and ecological momentary assessment (EMA), which uses an App-based data collection instrument. Her prior work has problematised Western concepts of denial and cognitive distortions as factors that can introduce biases into interpretations of personal accounts of substance use. Email Niki:

You can also follow her on Twitter.

Dr Kyle Mulrooney

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Dr. Kyle Mulrooney holds a Ph.D. in Cultural and Global Criminology from the University of Kent and Universität Hamburg, an MA in the Sociology of Law from the International Institute for the Sociology of Law and a BA (Honours) in Criminology and Justice from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Kyle is a Lecturer in Criminology at the University of New England. His primary research area is the Sociology of punishment. Kyle’s current research project examines how Canada’s political culture is the cause for the jurisidctions resistance against penal populism, a governing strategy that achieved much politcal success and penal impact elsewhere. Following this research on the politics of punishment, he has taken an interest in the politics and policies surrounding the consumption and regulation of human enhancement drugs. His research in this field aims to explore the use of human enhancement drugs in society and to identify policy strategies which attend to this issue from a socio-cultural and public health perspective. Together with colleagues, Kyle is currently working on an article which asks whether the ‘dark-side’ of steroids has been overstated, as well as an edited collection entitled Human Enhancement Drugs with Routledge due out in 2019. Email Kyle:

You can also find him on Twitter: @MulrooneyKyle, Academia:, and LinkedIn: