Marcel Scharf

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Marcel Scharf is a sport scientist Ph.D. Candidate and Research Assistant at the German Sport University Cologne at the Institute of Pedagogy and Philosophy. Since 2012 he is researching for his doctoral project on doping controls and side-effects into athletes’ privacy together with Dr. habil Nils Zurawski at the University Hamburg. Until 2015 he was working for more than 7 years at the accredited anti-doping laboratory Cologne, Institute of Biochemistry at the German Sport University Cologne. Currently he is involved into the Projects: Action Program Genetechnology in Competitive Sport (AGICS – and Evaluation of the Anti-Doping Prevention Program “Together against Doping” (National Anti-Doping Agency Germany). His work interests include: doping, gene-doping, neuro-enhancement, privacy, technology, technology assessment, social sorting, surveillance, system theory. For further information, about his work: Email Marcel:

You can also follow his work on ResearchGate and LinkedIn.

Habil Nils Zurawski:

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Dr. Habil Nils Zurawski 
is a sociologist, Anthropologist, Criminologist, and senior researcher at the University of Hamburg (institute for Criminological Research), and he is a visiting professor at the TU Darmstadt (2015/16: teaching urban sociology). His work interests include: surveillance, technology, political anthropology, esp. security related issues, doping, sports politics, violence and conflict. Since 2012 he is researching on doping controls and doping together with Marcel Scharf from the German Sports University of Cologne. Nils Zurawski is involved in the Surveillance Studies Network, an editor of Surveillance & Society and blogs at: You can find his personal website, where you will find articles, talks, tests and else, here:;. Email Nils:

You can also follow him on Twitter: @doctornilz.