Art work

On this page you will find the work that has been published during the “Steroid Use and Public Health: The Power of Visual Communication” event on the 14th of June 2017.

The theme of the art project was:

Breaking negative stereotypes of steroid users

All images © 2016-2017 Human Enhancement Drugs Network.

Project 1: “Icon” and “Lazy”

by Henry Bartonwong

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Description visual 1 “Icon”: An observation/construction of an individual who is fascinated with the culture of steroids and bodybuilding. Notably: the ‘fame’ and popularity associated with the sport and physique, and the celebrity status of such people as Arnold Schwarzenegger. But also on the idea that steroids warp the body and are ‘unnatural’, but perhaps both the users’ and our perception of steroids are simply warped – both sides share misinformation and understanding on steroids.


Description visual 2 “Lazy”While researching into steroids I was fascinated with the complexity of the personal use of steroids. It appeared to me as a science, and the intricate details, cycles and plethora of compounds available for every sort of use, astounded and bewildered me. So, I wanted to somehow represent this in a visual and took information gathered from a reputable online steroid community that backed up all of their information with sources and studies.

To add to the concept I used a coding/programming aesthetic for the text that reinforces the idea that steroids are not as simple as popping a pill or injecting yourself with testosterone, it requires deep research and understanding of how our bodies work, and in relation to how it responds to hormones, nutrition and exercise.

Project 2: ‘Shape of You’

By Keran Chen

“Shape of You” is the name of this series of photos. It represents finding a “better and improved you”. A lot of people think negative about steroids but it all comes down to the situation/context and the point of departure for each user is not the same. The model in these pictures, for example, started using steroids to ‘perfect’ his body and to ultimately fulfil his dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder.

As the model mentioned himself, ““it [steroids] is not a poison”, and a lot of users are careful when using steroids and also listen to the advice of a doctor or other experts. These “moments” I took of his life, show that he is very active, conscious of himself, and is confident about finding a better and improved self. He is in control and feels powerful!

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Project 3: ‘Perceptions’

by Tim Bingham and Noreen Bingham

The term “Roid Rage” has become synonymous with bodybuilding, which in turn adds to the further stigma to those who partake in this activity.

The images are aimed to challenge these perceptions and humanises those involved in bodybuilding. They depict the normality and the dedication they have to their sport.

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