HED Information Material/Training

1. Human Enhancement Drugs Information Pamphlet 

The Human Enhancement Drugs Information Pamphlet includes a short overview of all 6 types of human enhancement drugs (HEDs):

1. ‘Muscle drugs’ (e.g., steroids)
2. Weight-loss drugs (e.g., ephedrine)
3. Image-enhancing drugs (e.g., skin-lightening products)
4. ‘Sex drugs’ and aphrodisiacs (e.g., viagra)
5. Cognitive enhancers (e.g., Ritalin)
6. Drugs taken to improve mood and social behaviour (e.g., Diazepam)

You can download a English PDF-version of the Human Enhancement Drugs Information Pamphlet HERE and a Danish PDF-version HERE.


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Design by Britt Hermans: https://lnkd.in/eU33BB4

2. Information Postcard Anabolic Steroids

Linnell Publications is a social enterprise set up to improve the harm reduction response to drug use by developing innovative quality products, publications, and films for drug services, needle exchanges, and injecting drug users, and providing employment and training opportunities for drug users.

They also produced an information postcard on safer anabolic steroid use, advice on reducing the risk of injecting into muscle, and side effects.

This updated 2nd edition of the card, published in March 2016, provides information about the effects of steroids. Includes tips on safer injecting technique.

You can download a PDF-version Poster HED 17-7-2016 DeensPoster HED 17-7-2016 Engels and you can buy the postcards HERE.

Make sure to also check out there other information regarding steroids, for example, the  Guide To Steroids.


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3. SIED Educational Toolkit for Young People (11-16 years)

Due to the lack of accredited steroid and image enhancing drug (SIED) training in Wales and a high demand for such training amongst front-line and secondary services working with SIED users, Public Health Wales (alongside NewLink Wales) has developed a training package designed to improve learner’s confidence and awareness of SIEDs and associated issues.
The training package, delivered by a selection of accredited trainers covers topics such as: how SIEDs work and methods of use, motivations for use, the law, common types of SIEDs, risks and complications, and practical harm reduction information and advice. The training material can be found HERE.
For further information surrounding training courses near you please contact: admin@siedsinfo.co.uk
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4. Nine Zero Five

Nine Zero Five offers training, consultation, workshops, research, service design, advice, and much more in the UK on steroids and other image and performance enhancing drugs.
Nine Zero Five receives 100% positive feedback from evaluated sessions/training.

You can find more information on Nine Zero Five and their workshops/training sessions HERE.

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5. Linnell Communications 

Linnell Communications is a business established by Michael Linnell in 2014. It provides:

  • Consultancy services on drug (including steroids), alcohol and public health research and communications;
  • Consultancy services on establishing and maintaining local drug early warning systems;
  • Information product design for drugs (including steroids), alcohol and public health campaigns;
  • Bespoke design and illustrations services

Linnell Communications has also produced a range of visuals regarding steroids and other image enhancing drugs. You can access them HERE.

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