These infographics communicate simple, evidence-based information about anabolic steroids and sports supplements. All infographics are developed from and/or inspired by research articles. They have been developed in partnership with:

  • Birmingham City University (BCU)
  • Public Health Institute (PHI) at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)
  • Aalborg Antidoping at Aalborg Municipality (Denmark)

Design by Henry Bartonwong – email:

1. A typology of male steroids users and their risks

Visual 1 A1-01   Visual 1 A1-02

2. Key periods for adoption of steroid use within bodybuilding/fitness

Visual 2-01

3. Adverse events associated with steroid use

Visual 3 final-01

4. Post-cycle therapy (PCT) for steroid users

Visual 4-01

5. Do you even supplement?

Visual 5

6. Stigmatisation of steroid users

visual 6-01

7. Reasons for uptake

visual 7

8. Peer networks

Visual 8-01